“Several people showed me the brilliant floppy drive rendition of Tainted Love here on YouTube so I thought it might be fun to add the vocals!”

Marc Almond si diverte e canta Tainted Love su una base di floppy disk.

Wed 19 Feb 2014

“After a long time in a car, a couple discovers things that never should be known.”

Un corto post San valentino.

Wed 19 Feb 2014

Epic fake.

Wed 19 Feb 2014

“The modern business world is complex and dangerous. More and more information must be processed, saved and moved around at an increasingly rapid pace, pushing any system to the limits of its capacities.”

“From the moment Rust Cohle grabs the hostage, the camera never cuts away until they get in the car.”

L’incredibile piano sequenza finale del quarto episodio di “True Detective”, serie rivelazione del 2014.

Sun 16 Feb 2014

C’è gran fermento alla corte di Versailles, e un gran svolazzare di piume.
Spettacolare cortometraggio animato di un gruppo di studenti della Supinfocom di Arles.

(via Cartoon Brew)