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“They are coarse and rough and irritating.”

Worst Game of Thrones characters ever.

(spoilers unless you saw S05E06)

Sat 16 May 2015

“Among other things, there is the matter of the title. The word missing from the famous phrase to which it alludes is, of course, deus, “god”: the glaring omission only highlights further the question at the heart of this story, which is the biblical one: What is the relation of the creature to her creator? In this retelling of that old story, as in Genesis itself, the answer is not a happy one.”

(Daniel Mendelsohn, The Robots Are Winning!)

This post is only for those who have watched Ex Machina, the most Kubrick-esque movie after Kubrick. Do not click anything if you don’t want to be spoilered.

This is why I love Rick and Morty.

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